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Use same background colors (w/gradient), bottom design and fonts as existing Montana Nursery & Landscape Association Sign

Size could be next size smaller than current MNLA framed sign

Some Facts About Conifers

"The most numerous group of tree species in the world"

Cones:  All conifers have cones. These seed-bearing pods are the conifer's means of reproduction. They reproduce through wind pollination. A typical cone from a conifer tree is woody and light and can grow upright on a branch, downward on a branch or on the very tip ! 

Spiny Foliage: Many conifers have foliage that is spiny or needly. These needles are considered a conifer's leaves. Not all are prickly though. Some, like the Larch tree, are soft and actually turn gold before falling off in the fall !


Size and Shape: Conifers can vary greatly in size, from the giant redwoods being some of the largest trees in the world to dwarf trees that you can see in our Pinetum Garden by the bear exhibit. As for shape, some conifers grow in a traditional Christmas tree shape while others grow low and flat to the ground. Some even have a "weeping" look !


Images above are for reference only 

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