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Experience the Arboretum

Encompassing seventy acres of natural beauty on the grounds of ZooMontana, the Yellowstone Arboretum is a nationally accredited collection of over 150 species of both native and non-native trees, woody shrubs and vines. The arboretum is connected by the zoo's system of pathways and includes the botanical gardens, animal habitats and Canyon Creek waterway. Specimens are signed for easy identification and tree study with guided tours available. We also have a self guided walking tour instructions which can be found here:


Visit and Explore

Witness the ever-changing personality of trees. Take time to look up and marvel at the canopy above you.Enjoy trees in their natural habitat and natural surroundings.

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Learn and Question

Take a guided tour and learn all aspects of a tree's life, it's history, it's survival and it's nurturing process. Ask questions and gain introspective into nature.