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Experiments in Boxwood

In 2018 the arboretum was donated over 75 Boxwood plants of different species. Dogwoods are typically a Zone 5-9 plant and as Billings is a Zone 4-4B they are not usually grown in this area but nevertheless sold by local big box stores.

As a result, it was decided to experiment with these popular plants to see how they survive in our microclimate environments. Boxwoods were first introduced to the arboretum in 2002 and those original plants can be found along the pathway following the fence between the Sensory Garden Dotties Garden. 

New locations were selected to accommodate the types of Boxwoods as they were rated -10, -20, -30 F. These locations are Dottie's Garden, Plaza Junction, Waterways, Homestead Collection and the Tiger Garden. Progress will be updated with time.


Catalogue A# 2002-019

Buxus microphylia var. koreana x B.sempervirens 'Green Mountain'

Family: Buxaceae

Origin: Hydrid

Common name: Green Mountain Boxwood

Location: Transition between Sensory Garden and Dotties

Number in accession: 3

Note: Hybrid introduced by Sheridan Nursery Co. Oakville, Ontario

Catalogue A# 2002-56

Buxus x 'Green Mountain'

Family: Buxaceae

Origin: Htbrid

Common name: Green Mountain Littleleaf Boxwood

Location: Transition between Sensory Garden and Dotties

Number in accession: 1

Winter interest - Original Plants

In a formal setting or a casual situation, boxwood is always up for the task thanks to its versatility. In winter this shrub’s strong shape, rich green color, and air of old-world formality  dominates the garden, taking center stage. In summer, when the garden is in full-bloom, they  meld into the background providing structure, enhancing without competing. While the most  familiar forms are what are commonly referred to as “American” (Buxus sempervirens) and  “English” (Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’) boxwood, there are about 90 species and over  365 different cultivars, including Japanese and Korean varieties. Different boxwood plants and  species vary tremendously in size, shape, leaf characteristics, growth rates, and hardiness. The  secret to working with these evergreens is choosing the best selection to fit your vision and  growing conditions


Tiger Garden


Plaza Junction

Catalogue A# 2018-007 AH7 (BX1)

Buxus x 'Green Velvet'

Common name: Boxwood 'Green Velvet'

Origin: Europe

Location: Tiger Garden

Number in accession: 17

Note: Planted inside wood barrier-possible hedge

Catalogue A# 2018-008 AH8  (BX2)

Buxus x 'Green Mountain'

Common name: Boxwood 'Green Mountain'

Origin: Europe

Location: Tiger Garden (1) Dottie's Garden (3) 

Number in accession: 4

Note: Dotties along pathway (see photo) Rated -30 F

Catalogue A#2018-030  BX2

Buxus sempervirens 'Green Mountain'

Common name: Boxwood 'Green Mountain'

Origin: Europe, Asia. Central America

Location: Tiger Path (7) Otter Viewing (7) Waterways Path (12)

Number in accession: 26 

Note: rated -30 F

Catalogue A#2018-036  BX4

Buxus sinica

Common name: Boxwood 'Justin Brouwers'

Origin: Europe, Asia

Location: Waterways-Duck (5) Homestead-Pump House (9)

Number in accession: 14

Rated: -10 F

Catalogue A#2018-039  BX3

Buxus sempervirens 'Green Gem'

Common name: Boxwood "Green Gem'

Origin: Europe and Asia

Location: Dotties Pathway (17) Waterways Pathway (19)

Number in accession: 36

Note: Rated -20 F


Dottie's Garden - New Plantings

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