"Jeff the Nature Guy"

Click for a video of Jeff our own tree guy coming to you from the arboretum's "Asian Garden" with the lowdown about the Yellowstone Arboretum.

Easy to Find

A tree of each species is signed with the common name and Latin name plus a mapped location. Our inventory also has a GPS location for a fun way to find your favorite tree.

Hands on Fun

Become a community volunteer. Your employee or church group is welcomed to get down and dirty while at the same time helping the arboretum with much appreciated maintenance.


The Yellowstone Arboretum is the perfect place to learn botany up close and personal. Whether it's a self-guided walk or one of our fun "Out on a Limb" tours you can be assured of leaving the arboretum with a wealth of "tree knowledge". All four seasons offer their own surprises. As the weather changes so do the trees. Our inventory pages will give you an advanced look at what to expect so be sure to take a look and plan to search for your favorite tree!


The Yellowstone Arboretum offers a multitude of adventure for all age groups.

School Groups...We encourage field trips for all grade levels. Ample bus parking makes the trip easy and accessible. Special arrangements can be made for visitors with disabilities.

Senior Groups...Welcomed and encouraged to visit. We can arrange transportation within the arboretum.

Corporate Groups...Call our events coordinator to arrange special viewings or large group visits.

Volunteer Groups...Year-round opportunities are available to volunteer for grounds and tree maintenance. Arboretum staff welcomes the public to join in and learn about trees , pruning, care and watering.

                 SPRING                                                   SUMMER                                                 FALL                                                        WINTER


The Yellowstone Arboretum is on the grounds of ZooMontana. What a perfect opportunity for kids to learn about animals, life and trees. It could be planting a new tree, walking the arboretum or learning how to identify trees, either way it's a life's experience. Check out the ZooMontana offerings below.



It is important to promote understanding, conservation and enjoyment of gardens, plants, and the natural world through educational programs and hands on participation in diverse activities.


People live better, healthier and more satisfying lives when they know how to create, care for and enjoy gardens.


Community involvement through volunteer participation is key to the success of our organization.

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