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Welcome to eBird, a global community of tens of thousands of birders who submit bird observations, track their personal records, and use eBird’s tools to better understand the occurrence of birds close to home and around the world. Get started with our eBird Essentials here:

The Explore Data tab is a good place to begin. Range maps show where species are found, bar charts show migration timing, and you can even sign up for Alerts to learn about interesting birds as soon as they are reported. The Explore a Location tool provides a dashboard style overview of all the eBird activity in a region. From here there are links to bar charts, recent sightings, and the best local birding hotspots.

All bird observations are valuable, and every sighting--no matter how common the species--is important for understanding where and when birds occur around the globe. Your observations appear with others from the eBird community on eBird’s maps and graphs. Researchers download these data, and their scientific findings are used to make more informed conservation decisions. See eBird Science Use for more information.

Please visit often and report your observations. Whether you record birds for a few minutes each day from your yard, or travel the world, we hope you will make eBird a regular part of your birding.

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