The plaza commons is the scene of celebrations throughout the year. Experience a wide variety of tree species in a more formal environment.


Walk an extensive network of pathways that connect all the natural areas of the  arboretum including the various tree and botanical gardens.


See trees in their natural setting within the animal exhibits. Large viewing areas also have signage with the specimen's common and Latin names.


Experience one of our fun "Out on a Limb" walking tours that will give the participants a unique look into the life of various trees throughout the grounds.



Whether you're on your own or one of our guided tours you are assured of a fantastic tree experience. A trip to the arboretum also means a trip to the animal habitats and a trip through the botanical gardens. With over 150 species you will have to keep your senses alert, your eyes open and your feet moving. Bring a lunch and spend the day with us. Picnic tables are available, benches are located throughout the arboretum and there is always plenty of shade.


The Yellowstone Arboretum consists of a variety of tree gardens spread throughout the grounds. It starts with the "Old Pond Collection" at the zoo entrance and continues through "The Homestead Collections", "Bear Meadows", "Waterways", "Asian Garden" and "Millennium Grove". Unique trees can also be found in the "Sensory Garden", "Dottie's Garden" and the "Endangered Spruce Grove".


If you're into botany, and who isn't, then you'll find the Yellowstone Arboretum a dream come true. You can find many species of trees not found in Montana. Due to the microclimate of the natural location, trees thrive due to abundant protection, a good source of water and trees taking care of trees. Be sure to check out our tree page, inventory page and accession records to gain a valuable insight into what the arboretum has to offer.


Before you join us be sure to completely check out our web offerings. Plan your trip by checking out our admission and hours section and plan the journey with the "Map Page". Select a special tree to find before coming out from our "Tree Page" and be sure to take a look at the "Events and News Pages" for any scheduled amusements. We guarantee that whatever brings you to the Yellowstone Arboretum you will have a memorable experience !

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