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Autumn Blaze Maple - Plaza



Fall Color - Pathway Bear Meadows westward


Larch - Fronts "Endangered Spruce Grove"


Use the following links to access tree resource material for observation and research:   Tree Inventory - Tree Index - Tree Benefits - Perimeter Collection



The Yellowstone Arboretum contains a unique collection of trees, woody shrubs and vines not normally found in Montana. The first trees were planted in1992 with the expansion of the ZooMontana grounds and since have been expanded and nurtured for future generations. The arboretum staff has made a serious re-dedication to fulfilling the original obligations of the zoo by expanding even further the variety of trees for visitors enjoyment and education.


Our inventory page lists all of the current accessioned specimens. All are linked to their own special data page where you can view photos of the trees and bark. Also included is growth records and pertinent data describing the tree, location and tree benefits. You can also use the search bar located below in the footer to search for a particular species or individual tree.


Bear Meadows North - Sensation Boxelder



Homestead Collections- Catalpa


Botanical Society's - Sensory Garden


The Yellowstone Arboretum tree gardens are connected by an extensive pathway system and consists of a number of individual gardens all with their unique personality and design. The Millennium Grove is one of those areas where a collection of 52 Black Hills Spruce trees form a meditation circle planted in honor of the year 2000 celebrations. Also on the list to visit is the Remembrance Circle located near Dottie's Garden and the Waterways Collection. All these areas can be found on our map page


Located at the front entrance after crossing the entry bridge you will find a special collection of trees both native and non-native . This area has been utilized as an experimental area over the decades and includes Black Walnuts, American Plum, Boulevard Linden, Scrub Oak, Canada Red Chokecherry, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Korean Locust, Black maple, Sycamore and a collection of pines.


The area surrounding the house and barn is home to a variety of trees including Crabapples, Maples, Hawthorns, Corkscrew Willows, Larches, Weeping Birch, Junipers, Spruce, Lilacs, Hackberry and fruit trees. Nearby is the new Bison viewing area which is the location of Lodgepole Pines, Ponderosa Pines, Engaltine Roses, Spreading Cotoneaster and Cottonless Cottonwoods.


This conifer garden is being developed also as a memorial area where contributors can plant trees in memory of loved ones as a lasting tribute. The meadows currently is the home to Colorado Spruces, Limber Pine, Aspen, Austrian Pines, Sensation Boxelders, American Elms and Ash trees.


Another project of the arboretum is the re-development of the Asian garden home to many tree specimens also found in the same latitudes as Montana in Japan, China and the Korean peninsula. Here the visitor will find a Ginkgo, Chinese Dawn Redwood, Maackii amurensis, Nanking Cherry bushes, Korean Dwarf Lilac and Viburnums. Look for future expansion of this garden located in the Asia exhibit area behind the family picnic area.


This beautiful garden of the Botanical Society of ZooMontana contains the greatest variety of trees in one area. Because of it's special location it has it's own microclimate lending to the survival of many species including Amur Chokecherries, Yellowhorn, Japanese Lilacs, Weeping Junipers, Columnar Scotch Pine, American Cranberry Viburnums, Gem Pear, Harry Lauder's Walking Stick and much, much, more.

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