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The trees  found on this page are accessioned and found on the perimeter/outskirts of the arboretum at service gates or along service roads. These areas are off limits to visitors.  More information will be forthcoming.

Featured Areas
Perimeter Accessions
Catalogue A# Multiple-Below

1.  A# 2001-004

Pinus nigra

Family: pinaceae

Origin: native of Europe

Common name: Austrian Pine

Location: On hill behind Lynx exhibit

Number in accession: 3

Note: Transplanted as 8 ft. specimens in late October.In place but not thriving.

Curator's note: These specimens are quite healthy and growing as observed in Summer 2018

2. A# 2003-007

Pinus nigra

Family: Pinaceae

Origin: native of Europe

Common name: Austrian Pine

Locations: (12) Around pump house #1 near service gate and across roadway (3) Near Millennium Grove

Number in accession: 15

Note: of the 3 near Millennium Grove (1) survived (photo)

4. A# 0098-025

Pinus nigra

Family: Pinaceae

Origin: native of Europe

Common name: Austrian Pine

Location: West of amphitheater-chained off area

Number in accession: 3

3. A#0099-156

Juniperus scopulorum ' Gray Gleam'

Family: Cupressaceae

Origin: Horticultural form, Male

Common name: Gray Gleam Juniper

Location: South side of Conservation Center

Number in accession: 1


5. A# 2000-120

Acer saccharinum 'Silver Queen'

Family: Aceraceae

Origin: Quebec to Florida, to Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas,Oklahoma and Louisiana

Common name: Silver Queen Maple

Location: South side of Birds of Prey along service road

Number in accession: 1

Curator's note: Excellent example-off limits location-cannot be enjoyed by visitors


6. Mystery Grove - Bristlecone Pine

7. Canyon Creek Waterway- Riparian


8. A# 2000-135

Juniperus scopulorum "Medora"

Family: Cupressaceae

Origin: Western North America, North Dakota Badlands

Common name: Medora Rocky Mountain Juniper

Location: Small riparian area east of Millennium Grove

Number in accession: 2

9. A# 2005-001

Robinia sp.

Family: Leguminoaseae

Origin: NA

Common name: Robinia

Location: Small riparian area south of Wolverines

Number in accession: (3) Original (2) Surviving

Curator's notes: Need too determine actual origin and name. Resembles hispida. Bloomed heavily June 2018

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