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Height Class: 1= <25 ft  2=24-45 ft  3=>45 ft      Health Class: 5=Excellent  4=Good  3=Fair  2=Poor  1=Weak      Growing Conditions: 3=Good  2=Fair  1=Poor

(ZX) Plaza     (HX) Homestead     (SGX) Sensory Garden     (DGX) Dotties Garden     (WWX) Waterways     (LXX) Lynx Pathway     (WZX) Wolf Woodlands     (WVX) Wolverine     (AGX) Asian Garden     (AHX) Asian Habitats     (PLX) Old Pond     (MISCX) Off Campus  (BMX) Bear Meadows

(BMX) Bear Meadows

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Multiple content questions and answers (examples):

Q: How many different trees are in the arboretum?

A: We have almost 200 different accessioned species of trees, woody shrubs and vines.

Q: Can I tell the difference between trees?

A: Yes, we have a t least one tree of each species is signed for identification with the common name and Latin name.

Q: How old are the trees?

A: Our Native trees like the cottonwood can be over 75 years old. Trees planted for the arboretum began in the early 90's.

Q: Are the trees in a particular location.

A: No, the arboretum covers the entire Zoo grounds which is 70 acres. The trees are everywhere !

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