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Toba Hawthorne
Catalogue A# 2002-021 SG21
GPS 45D 43' 56" N / 108D 37' 20" W

Crataegus x mordenensis 'Toba'

Family: Rosaceae

Origin: Hybrid cross C.laevigata 'Pauls' Scarlet and c. succulenta

Common name: Toba Hawthorne

Location" Sensory Garden-South Hill

Number in accession: 1

​This 12 inch Hawthorn provides overall benefits of: $43 every year. 

Beautiful flowering tree with interesting twisted trunk. Fragrant double flower clusters open white and darken to pink with age. Small red fruit in fall. Glossy green lobed leaves turn yellow in fall. Developed by Agriculture Canada at the Morden Research station.
Water Needs: Moderate
Foliage Color: Green
Flower Attributes: Showy Flowers
Landscape Uses: Border
SpecimenGarden Styles: 
Light Needs: Full Sun
Plant Types: Trees
Height: 10-20'
Spread: 10-20'
Flower Colors: White
Flower Seasons: Spring
Special Features: Attractive Foliage
Fall Colour
Shade Tree
Growth Habits: Upright
Cold Hardiness: Zone 3


This was developed many years ago at the Morden Research Station in Manitoba, Canada. Like the other hawthorns we recommend, it has disease and insect resistance, and has year-round interest in the landscape. In late May, clusters of double white fragrant flowers appear, aging to showy pale pink. Medium-sized dark red fruit ripens in late summer and persists that way through winter. In autumn, the green leaves migrate from yellow to orange. The trunk and branches have a distinctive yellow-orange bark and become ‘muscled and twisted’ with age adding another unique characteristic to this tough tree.

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