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Balkan Pine
Catalogue A# 2018-NA Z50
GPS 45D 43' 56" N / 108D 37' 21" W

This specimen is non-accessioned. More information and photos forthcoming.

Location: Across from School house entry-on pathway

Number in accession: 1

​This 6 inch Pine provides overall benefits of: $31 every year. 

Botanical name: Pinus peuce
All Common Names: Balkan pine, Macedonian pine
Family (English): Pine
Family (Botanic): Pinaceae
        Planting Site: Residential and parks
        Tree or Plant Type: Tree
        Foliage: Evergreen (foliage year-round)
        Native Locale: Non-native
        Landscape Uses: Shade tree, Specimen
        Size Range: Large tree (more than 40 feet), Medium tree (25-40 feet)
Mature Height: 30-60 feet
Mature Width: 20-25 feet
        Light Exposure: Full sun (6 hrs direct light daily)
        Hardiness Zones: Zone 4, Zone 5 , Zone 6, Zone 7
        Soil Preference: Acid soil, Moist, well-drained soil
        Acid Soils: Prefers
        Alkaline Soils: Moderately Tolerant
        Salt Spray: Intolerant
        Soil Salt: Moderately Tolerant
        Drought Conditions: Tolerant
        Poor Drainage: Moderately Tolerant
        Planting Considerations: May be difficult to find in nurseries
        Ornamental Interest: Edible fruit
        Season of Interest: Early winter, Mid winter, Late winter, Early spring, Mid spring, Late spring, Early summer, Mid summer, Late summer, Early fall, Mid fall, Late fall
        Flower Color & Fragrance: Inconspicuous
        Shape or Form: Narrow, Pyramidal
        Growth Rate: Slow
        Transplants Well: Yes


Balkan pine is not well known, but has potential to be an attractive landscape plant in residential yards.  This tree may be difficult to find in local nurseries. 

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