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Eastern Sycamore
Catalogue A# 0099-195
GPS 45D 43' 56" N / 108D 37' 9" W

Platanus occidentalis

Family: Platanaceae

Origin: North America

Common name: Eastern Sycamore

Location: Old Pond-along canal far south

Number in accession: (3) original (2) surviving

Note: 2 observed first surviving in 2003

This 13 inch Broadleaf Deciduous Sycamore provides overall benefits of: $109 every year. 

Family (English): Sycamore; planetree
Family (Botanic): Platanaceae
        Planting Site: Residential and parks, City parkway, Wide median
        Tree or Plant Type: Tree
        Foliage: Deciduous (seasonally loses leaves)
        Native Locale: North America
        Landscape Uses: Parkway/street, Shade tree, Specimen
        Size Range: Large tree (more than 40 feet)
Mature Height: 75-100 feet
Mature Width: 50-70 feet
        Light Exposure: Full sun (6 hrs direct light daily), Partial sun/shade (4-6 hrs light daily)
        Hardiness Zones: Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
        Soil Preference: Alkaline soil, Wet soil
        Acid Soils: Tolerant
        Alkaline Soils: Prefers
        Salt Spray: Moderately Tolerant
        Soil Salt: Tolerant
        Drought Conditions: Intolerant
        Poor Drainage: Tolerant
        Planting Considerations: Messy fruit/plant parts
        Ornamental Interest: Showy fruit, Attractive bark
        Season of Interest: Early winter, Mid winter, Late winter, Early fall, Mid fall, Late fall
        Flower Color & Fragrance: Inconspicuous
        Shape or Form: Broad, Irregular, Pyramidal, Round
        Growth Rate: Fast
        Transplants Well: Yes
        Wildlife: Birds, Insect pollinators, Small mammal


The sycamore is a grand, stately shade tree for a larger site. It has broad green leaves but is most recognizable by its peeling bark, with patches of white and gray. Native to North America, sycamores have very high wildlife value, attracting a wide range of birds that use the tree for many purposes. 

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