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European Bird Cherry

Catalogue A#2000-022  Z6

Coordinates: 45D 43' 56" N / 108D 67' 16" W

Prunus padus 'Summer Glow'

Family: Roseceae

Origin: Cultivar Wandell introduction. Species-Europe, northern Asia to Korean and Japan

Location: Just south of Plaza junction on right side

Number in accession: 1

Memorial to Mary Warner Ivirs (from Jay and Kathy Kirkpatrick

overallbenefitsMA213Park or other vacant

​This 13 inch European bird cherry provides overall benefits of: $48 every year. 


Japanese flowering cherry is an Asian species known more for its cultivars. The actual species is seldom sold. The cultivars produce showy flowers in spring and some good leaf color in autumn.

Tree or Plant Type: Tree
        Foliage: Deciduous (seasonally loses leaves)
        Native Locale: Non-native
        Landscape Uses: Specimen, Utility
        Size Range: Small tree (15-25 feet)
Mature Height: 15-20 feet
Mature Width: 15-20 feet
        Light Exposure: Full sun (6 hrs direct light daily)
        Hardiness Zones: Zone 5 , Zone 6
        Soil Preference: Moist, well-drained soil
        Acid Soils: Tolerant
        Alkaline Soils: Moderately Tolerant
        Salt Spray: Tolerant
        Soil Salt: Tolerant
        Drought Conditions: Intolerant
        Poor Drainage: Intolerant
        Ornamental Interest: Spring blossoms, Fall color, Fragrant flowers, Showy flowers, Attractive bark
        Season of Interest: Early spring, Mid spring, Early fall
        Flower Color & Fragrance: Pink, White
        Shape or Form: Round
        Growth Rate: Moderate
        Transplants Well: Yes
        Wildlife: Insect pollinator

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