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Tartarian Maple
Catalogue A# 2000-040  DG4
GPS 45D 44' 12" N / 108D 38' 0" W

Acer tartaricum

Family: Aceraceae

Origin: Southeast Europe, Western Asia

Common name: Tartarian Maple 'Hotwings'

Location: Dotties, Southside near benches

Number in accession: (3) original (2) current

Note: Westernmost tree expired and removed 2018

​This 16 inch Red maple provides overall benefits of: $126 every year. 

Botanical Name Acer tataricum 


Hardiness Zone 3


Tree Type Ornamental & Flowering


Size Range Small Tree (15-25 feet)


Mature Height 20'


Mature Spread 18-20'


Shape Round


Foliage Color Green


Fall Color Yellow/Red


Flower Color White


Decorative Fruit Bright Red Samaras


Landscape Uses Ornamental/Flowering


Growth Rate Moderate


Plant Tolerance Very Tough and Adaptabl


Hot Wings® Maple gets its name from the showy red winged seeds that shine in bright contrast with its green summer foliage. This small tree blossoms with white clusters of flowers around May. Wider than it is tall, the Hot Wings® Maple is perfectly rounded at maturity. Hot Wings® Maple is a rare combination of the dependability of a Maple plus a refreshing decorative quality, all in one tree.

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