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In Case You Missed It !

It's always a special feeling when we see the signs of spring into summer. Birds building new homes, grass finally turning  green, the temperatures on the rise, the first clap of a serious thunderstorm and especially the many blossoms on trees and shrubs. Summer is a great time to visit the arboretum and we want to share with you some of the latest bloomers. Some you may never have witnessed, some hard to find and some very rare. Nevertheless, here's some clues on where they are and what to look for !



It has been a huge year for Robinia. Pictured above is just one of many Robinia hispidia that is being populated in Wolverine Meadows.



Although not native there are many honeysuckle hues found throughout the arboretum. This photo was taken at the Tiger habitat.


Amur Mackii

Always blooming in early June the Mackia amurensis is a great little find each year. Located in the south plaza and Asian Garden.



This rare plant from Asia can always be a dependable bloomer. Look this summer for new seed pods to develop.



Alas, the Ginkgo, a living fossil can be found across from Schoolhouse Entry, Asian Garden and our newest addition in the west parking lot.

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