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Before photo from August 2015

Shiloh Shrub Garden at Old Pond
2100 Shiloh Road-Zoo Entry
GPS  45D  43'  60" N / -108D 37' 3" W


Berberis 'Monlers'

A small compact plant noted for it's bright green summer color. It makes for a nice border plant as well as for security.

A#2019-022 PL50


Renovated during the summer of 2019, the Shiloh Garden at Old Pond greets the visitor to ZooMontana and the Yellowstone Arboretum with a burst of color, texture and organic feel. The woody shrubs were selected for their hardiness and survival characteristics of Zones 2-3-4. They will compliment the surrounding Austrian Pines and Cedar trees and provide eye candy in the raised planter and encompassing green lawn.

The following plants were installed. Detailed descriptions are below:

Golden Nugget Barberry

Dakota Sunspot Shrubby Cinquefoil

Apricot Drift Rose (2)

Sea Foam Rose

Firefly Nightglow Diervilla

Wings of Fire Weigela

Dwarf Winged Burning Bush

Russian Sage ( transferred from Dottie's Garden)

Native Dogwood (existing)

Virginia Creeper (existing)

These plants will be complimented with seasonal selections

Apricot Rose.jpeg


Fruticosa 'Fargo'

Masses of small, golden-yellow flowers cover the dainty foliage of a small, twiggy, deciduous shrub.

Attracts butterflies

A#2019-017 PL50

Apricot Rose

Drift Rose 'Meimirrote'

A season long show of delicate color that works well with most other flowering plants. Great for small gardens.

A#2019-024 PL50

Sea Foam Rose

Rosa 'Sea Foam'

This shrub rose makes for an excellent ground cover. It has double lightly scented flowers that vary from white to light pink.

A#2019-023 PL50

Burning Bush.jpeg
Russian Sage.jpeg

 Nightglow Diervilla

Diervilla 'El Madrigal'

Just like the hour of twilight when fireflies light up the sky, intensely yellow flowers glow against the red foliage.

A#2019-021 Pl50

Asian Weigela

'Wings of Fire'

Large, broad leaves are bronze-colored from early summer to fall intensified by the sun. Summer Pink flowers.

A#2019-020 PL50

Dwarf Burning Bush

Euonymus alatus

Yellow spring-summer blooms, shiny green foliage which turns flame-red in the Fall with small orange fruit.

A#2019-019 PL50

Russian Sage

Perovskia atriplicifolia

A regional shrub favorite due to it's hardiness and drought tolerance. Purple flowers offer mid to late summer color.

A#2019-018 PL50

Updates: 2022- Minor weather damage-Loss of 3 plants  2023-Major weather damage-plants will replaced and garden updated 2024

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