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Project Category


The Zoo has used "Arts and Culture" in previous grant applications. Natural & Environmental Resources is another that could be utilized.

Project Summary

Yellowstone Arboretum Mission Statement

"The mission of the Yellowstone Arboretum is to cultivate arboreta appreciation and understanding of our local heritage through public education, organic preservation and stewardship of our natural environment."

The project "Entryway Tree and Plant Enhancement" encourages the development of arboreta appreciation with the introduction of new trees and shrubs in the recently renovated parking lot, islands and perimeters. The new specimens would include a mix of native trees, new tree cultivars and the introduction of shrubs and viburnums. Specimens would be planted in direct view of visitors with complimentary signage to explain each for education and inventory purposes. 

Statement of Community Need

​There are several reasons for a community to support arboreta and arboretums. As more people take an interest in caring for their own home environment, it is valuable to have a location where they can see and compare mature plants and to study the different varieties that they may wish to include around their own homes. An arboretum plays an important role in the areas of conservation and preservation of trees similar to the roles a Zoo plays in educating people about animals and their habitats. And finally, arboretums provide "green space", an aesthetically pleasing area to encourage the spiritual and emotional health of individuals and communities.

Community Served by the Project

All counties are represented (please select all that apply) with documented visitors.

Project Reach

The arboretum receives approximately 150,000 visits per year. All ages, gender, race, ethnicity, residence, socio-economic status, education and disabililties are served. ZooMontana is a certified autism center. News about improvements and additions to the arboretum are shared on and social media. The Yellowstone Arboretum is a nationally accredited arboretum.

Measuring Impact

Data would be collected by analyzing the total amount of visitors.


Collaborations and Partnerships

As a part of the mission statement the arboretum believes strongly in public education. A vital part of that education is community involvement in the care and maintenance of trees from planting techniques to watering to mulching. This program would serve the community in the teachings this process. The arboretum utilizes International Society of Aboriculture (ISA) techniques in their education of planting. The arboretum is a member of ISA.



New and on-going for the life of the plants. Maintenance would occur as part of the arboretum policy regarding regular care. Strict watering schedules are required for the first 3 years along with supplemental watering from previously installed irrigation. All trees are subject to a pruning scheduled based on time and species.



Project Budget

Due to probable market variables of arboreta at the time of installation an exact budget proposal is not possible. But, due to the vast area of landscaping needs the toal grant request of $ 5,000 would be utilized. Volunteers would be used for planting and future maintenance. The average national community volunteer hourly rate is $30.00/hr. No more than $500 would be expected for staff time used in planting or maintenance of trees.(see expenses)

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