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Quercus Tree Initiative Program  ( QTIP )

The Yellowstone Arboretum has received a Program Development Grant from the Montana DNRC for the purpose of promoting Urban and Community Forestry in Montana. This grant will be used to further the conservation and planting of the species Quercus or as we know it the Oak tree.


Why the Oak ? Almost 30% of the world's oaks are of environmental concern or already endangered. 19% of America's oaks fall into that category.The arboretum has a few specimens of oaks including the native Bur Oak and Swamp White Oak ,a small English Oak, three year old Chinkapin and the somewhat rare Mongolian Oak. Also on the grounds, and hard to find, is a Gambel Oak and Scrub Oak.This grant will give the arboretum the opportunity to further enhance the Oak inventory and provide valuable information as we monitor the growth and future research into these new trees.

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